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These are my landing page tips; they are often the most neglected component in the online customer journey.

A landing page is a dedicated page that a qualified prospect lands on directly from an external source like an ad or an email. It assumes engagement with the message or idea and closes with an offer or action without the distraction of any other content.

Its purpose is to motivate buy-in from your customer, so we don’t complicate it with too many options or information, except to reduce any frictions that may cause them any hesitation…

A landing page must have:

  • a strong heading. Make its purpose clear. Include your “Main Keyword” for SEO
  • a subheading that clarifies the heading
  • simple copy that explains the offer
  • an image, video, or illustration that supports the offer
  • a form or CTA button where the user can convert

Now that you have a positive engagement will they want to do next?

  • Will they leave their email in exchange for valuable content on the subject?
  • Will they purchase a low-value item to “test” your authenticity?
  • Can they sign up for a free month’s trial?
  • Free + Shipping offer where you count on upsells to make a profit.

Make the next step as irresistible as possible. Ensure you make a connection point that you can follow up on, measure and improve over time. Better connection is always the goal.

For more landing page tips book an appointment below so we can discuss how to implement the perfect landing page for your products or services.

I have pinned some of my favourite examples of landing pages.
Earle Webber

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