What do you know about Adult Autism?

We are a business community with members on the Autism or Aspergers spectrum. Awareness of neurodiversity amongst children has made significant progress in recent times. However, adults are often expected to “mask” to fit in or be accepted. We wish to help raise awareness of the challenges our neurodiverse brothers and sisters face, living in a world where they struggle daily to navigate social and environmental challenges that the rest of us are unaware of.

People with Nero-diversity often have incredible business and organisational skills but sometimes find the relational or social protocols of the office challenging to negotiate.  We seek to raise awareness to help businesses minimise these barriers.

Do you have someone in your office who is incredible with detail but often seems difficult to work with on a social level? This experience is typical of someone who lives with neurodiversity. Some may be diagnosed, but many aren’t. The Nero-diverse are often unaware and confused by social protocols like innuendo and sarcasm; they do not read body language very well. But on the other hand, they are often very good with detailed tasks and mundane projects and usually very focused in distracting environments.

Our aim is that awareness of Nero-diversity, Autism, or Aspergers will allow businesses to identify the qualities and strengths of the Autism community and reduce the barriers that will enable them to flourish.

Strategies may include:

  • Identifying that good workers should not be discounted because they are not social.
  • Awareness that environments (noisy, chatty or social) can be challenging for those with Nero-diversity.
  • That aids like headphones or noise reduction devices may enable people to work better.
  • Identifying that some people cannot “speak up” via typical means.

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We are having regular conversations with the Autism/Asperges Community about Neurodiversity in the workplace. Feel free to join us.

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