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Why Me?

Every month there is a shiny new idea or innovation to promote your brand  “Do I need a TikTok? Do I still need a Twitter? I hear about Social Media disasters but to be honest, I’m not sure what platforms we are on.” These are the most common comments I get during webinars and consulting sessions.

The Apps that promise instant results are endless.

I utilise my thirty years of old-school marketing experience to help businesses get back to what is important. Connecting their products and services with the ideal customer with maximum return on investment.

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Priorities for greater reach in 2023

  • Conversational Commerce
  • Long Long Tern Influencer-Brans relationships
  • Long Form Guide Pages
  • Continued shift from location to digital retail
  • Intent Monitoring
  • The Rise Of Interactive Content

The #1 priority for digital marketers in 2023…

…should be understanding the data on what content reaches and engages the target market. How to increase that engagement and make that engagement delightful.



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