There is no Redbook for caravans.

You are probably familiar with the “Redbook” for cars. It’s the industry guide for the resale or insurance value of vehicles. It works on a reasonably simple valuation matrix because most 2007 Toyota corollas are one of two or three variants and are devalued based on kilometres travelled against market price.

Insurance Companies use the Redbook to determine a replacement value for the vehicle you are asking them to insure.

Caravans do not have a Redbook…

They are not mass-produced like Toyota corollas. Instead, caravans are built with many variants. It may be two birth or give birth, some have ensuite bathrooms, and the kitchen and seating areas are customised to order. Variations make it very hard to value a 2001 Jaco with a Redbook-like system.

In 2018 I was commissioned by AlanGrahams caravans to create a Caravan Valuation Website where owners could submit the details of their caravan ad photos to prove the condition of these details and, for a small fee, receive an official valuation that most insurance companies recognise.

The benefit for caravan owners is that you don’t even have to leave your driveway to receive an insurance valuation on your caravan.

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