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Over the last ten years, I have watched many brands struggle and strive to obtain large numbers of online reviews. However, I firmly believe that good google and Facebook reviews are better than many reviews; here is why.

Today the consumer is looking for a more authentic relationship with the brands they consume, and trust is the key to a more authentic relationship. Unfortunately, paying for and running competition for positive reviews damages the trust. These strategies result in poor quality reviews that consumers can spot a mile away.

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The goal of growing your portfolio of reviews is that they are authentic and come from well-authorised sources.

Let me give you a scenario to demonstrate how Good google and Facebook reviews are better than many reviews.

Mary is Scott’s mother, a teenager with an intellectual disability. Mary Mary needs a few days off every day and again and is searching for a safe place for Scott to stay for a few days every month. She checks out the Google reviews of a few respite houses in her area and notices that one has many five-star reviews. However, the comments in those reviews seem pretty generic and vanilla. If she clicks on the profiles of those who left those reviews, she finds that they have left many 5-star reviews with very generic comments. They lack details of personalised experience or geographic consistency; most comments could have been about any business. The lack of authenticity in these reviews will cast some doubt.

But with authentic reviews

She then clicks on another local business’s profile and finds a company with only five reviews. However, she recognises one reviewer as the parent of another child who attends the same support group as her son. This business review can potentially build more trust in the relationship between Mary and her new care provider.

Alternatively, Mary sees five-star reviews but people she doesn’t know; however, when she Investigates the profile of the people living in the river views, she finds lots of reviews about local businesses relating to intellectual disabilities, local shops and a hairdresser. Both this and the previous review are now adding to the authentic credibility of the care provider.

For over twenty years, I have been working with businesses on protecting and improving their online authority and credibility. I have never seen good results from companies that pay or reward reviews. You have a great network of grateful and loyal customers. Their endorsement has probably provided most of the new business you have seen. Empower them to put that endorsement where it will impact your business most. Here are some tips.

If you’re looking for genuine and authentic strategies for growing your portfolio of reviews, look at my article tips for increasing your online reviews, or use the form below to book a 45-minute free consultation session to chat with me about strategy for your brand.

Earle Webber

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