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In traditional marketing, we talk about things like ‘ The road to the Sale” and “Closing the Sale” as if the entire goal and interaction without customers leads up to and ends with “The Sale”

Hubspot Flywheel

Today smart businesses see the journey with their customers more as a vortex, a spinning force of attraction that draws people into a common environment where relationship, trust and commerce become an everyday part of that environment.

In this model Delighted Promoters attract Stangers who become prospects who engage in that environment. They may or may not become customers, but they are so delighted by the experience that they become promoters that attract other stranges.

Businesses now have a unique opportunity to turn followers, who may not even be in the market for their products into enthusiastic promoters of

Earle Webber

With over thirty years in content marketing and brand development, Earle is the director of, and Earle is also a founding partner at

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